Frederik Roije jury member FOC Talents 2010-Q1

FOC Talents   4.Mar.2010

Frederik Roijé is the third and final jury member of the first FOC Talents assignment, 2010-Q1 “The Most Boring“. Together with Ted Noten and Janne Kyttanen he will select a winner from fifteen wedding ring entries, designed by the global network of pre-selected Talents.

Frederik has a design studio specialized in interior and product design, where concept and renewal are main points. Also Droog Design took designs of Frederik Roijé in their collection. FOC is very pleased that Frederik is on the FOC Talents jury, because he uses many different CAD/CAM techniques to create his products.

Frederik is also the designer of the ring “Two of a Kind“, which provides a perfect context for judging the wedding rings that the FOC Talents had to design. READ ON

FOC Talents design brief 2010-Q1

FOC Talents   1.Jan.2010

Dutch designer Ted Noten has created the first design brief for FOC Talents. The first Talents assignment is related to the RING. In recent months FOC has invited fifteen young and promising 3D designers from all parts of the world to become part of the FOC Talents network. The designs that they will create based on the quarterly design briefs will be sold in the FOC online store. To see the profiles of the chosen Talents, click here.

To see the design brief read on. READ ON

Brian Garret very first FOC Talent

FOC Talents   1.Sep.2009

FOC Launches plans for new talents network to be created beginning of 2010. Brian Garret leads the way with new things to come from freshly graduated students. If you have a fascination to the things we are doing and you are a talented young designer, please get in touch with us ( and we will tell you more about it.

briangarret3 READ ON