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FOC TALENT: Joerg Lonkwitz

About Joerg Lonkwitz

Hi, my name is Jörg. I'm an architect and I live and work in amsterdam. I think, design is an artistic space that is fluid enough to accept the flux of ideas, shapes and form. It deals with the ephemeral and goes beyond the rigid space that we think reality is. I believe design and architeture, that are more complex systems like a cloud or a swarm instead of a box. I really believe that in future it will be normal to 3d pint products and to personalize design more and more. Working as an architect, the freedom to create 3d printed products is really nice. The building industry works (mostly) with the same techniques and methods like 50 years ago. Nor do the architects: we work with very complex 3d models, which than has to be transferred to 2d plans. A long and tough challenge. So lets just feel the freedom!


2008 - current: architect at UNstudio, Amsterdam; 2009 teaching assistent of Prof. Ebner at UCLA; 2008 ebner & eichner, project architect 2008 diploma at studio Prix, die angewandte, Vienna; 2005-2007 freelance for 3deluxe, cap architects, ss architects, stiefel kramer architekten 2005 teaching and bamboo research studio, university Tarija; asa-scholarship 2005-2007 editor and webadmin of Prinz Eisenbeton, die angewandte 2006 - 2007 Coop Himmelblau, Vienna; jun. architect 2004- 2005 ebner - ullmann, trainee 2004 first house, designed & built with DAAD scholarship 2002-2003 ets arquitectura madrid, class of mansilla tunon, abalos & herreros, erasmus scholarship 2002 Prediploma at technical university berlin, class of Prof Natalie de Vries

Joerg Lonkwitz