FOC Talents:

Mikko Seppanen

He started his education in 2002 studying Handicrafts and Design in Turku University of Applied Sciences. During the school he became interested the world of 3D-design..more


You can see my design process as a blender of everything in the world, where I filter and rearrange to form a subtle minimalistic beauty with a little touch of rawness, humor and..more

Peter Hermans

Born in 1986, based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Worked at FOC, Jaguar Land Rover, TNO and with a couple of his own products for sale..more

Pekka Salokannel

As a designer my passion is to find new possibilities to create interesting products. Interesting can vary a lot: Once it’s a new form, other time it’s just..more

Sam Abbott Design

He is a young designer trained in furniture design at Nottingham trent University in the UK. He worked for several design agencies in various field’s in..more


SCHIJNDESIGN stands for creativity from a down to earth point of view. Minimalism is key in my work, where every design is stripped down to its most fundamental essentials..more


Details will be added soon..more

Studio Mango

Studio Mango creates innovative products, we try to put relevance in everything we develope. From fly swatters to buildings, Studio Mango..more

Dan Hilldrup

Im a MA designer graduated from the East London Metropolitan University in 2009 and have a degree in Computing [2002]. I am interested in furniture, product..more

Louis Filosa

I am a 23 year old designer from the United States looking to change how the rest of the world percieves American design. I graduated from Purdue University in 2009 with a degree in industrial design and an engineering foundation. By traveling to Europe,..more


Joerg lives and works in Amsterdam. He graduated in 2008 from ‘die angewandte’ in vienna. He was teaching architecture at the UCLA and..more


With a mixed academic training between mechanical engenieering and industrial design management I define myself as a restless guy with concerns as..more


We have to overcome a culture based on domination and exploitation, and design one that lives symbiotically within our ecosystems using only the resources that we..more


WE-DESIGNS.ORG, winner of the Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award 2009, has a Masters of Architecture and Certification of Urban Policy/Regional Planning from Princeton University’s School of Architecture. WE-DESIGNS.ORG has an international vocational and educational background..more


After working as a furniture maker and interior builder, I became very handy and worked with my technical insight and skills. With these skills and experience i started to..more


we are a duo composed by a product designer and an architect.Our studio is based in Milan from 2007.We work both in architecture and design..more

Josien Pieters

Josien Pieters is a student with a bachelor degree in Industrial Design from Eindhoven University of Technology. Currently she is taking a Master course in Strategic Product Design at..more


Aat brings you bright ideas, clear starting points. it all starts with a strong concept that stands out. aat feeds, nurtures and hugs its concepts and turns them into wonderful beings. Aat’s ideas communicate, resonate, translate…more

Lionel Dean

The potential to translate the virtual direct into real-world products still seems magical to me. Digital manufacturing is turning the mass production paradigm on its head and opening up more possibilities than we can yet imagine….more

Nervous System

Nervous System is a experimental design studio that uses new technologies to reinterpret natural phenomena. Instead of designing individual objects, we write computer programs that detail a design process generating a….more


Hi! I’m an Industrial Design Engineer from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. As a designer, I’m always looking for inspiration in the fields of….more

Timothy Schreiber

timothy schreiber is an architect and designer based in London…..more

The Substain

The Substain is the brainchild of German product design graduate Lars Amhoff. Focusing on contemporary furniture and accessory design quality is something…..more