FOC Talents is a global online network of talented, young and pre-selected designers that send in Computer Aided Designs twice a year, based on a prior given design brief. The best Talents designs are produced and commercialized by FOC or one of its partners.

The digital nature of 3D Printed product development allows FOC to cooperate with the most promising 3D designers on the planet, who only require a computer and internet access. FOC believes that the young, digital and international nature of the Talents will result in successful new products that represent the future archetypes for digitally created shapes and cultural diversity.

Talents Program

Every six months FOC will give a design assignment for which each Talent will provide one 3D-printable file of his/her design. The 3D-file becomes the exclusive property of FOC, who will produce and commercialize it. In return the winning Talents will receive 5% royalties and a free, actual copy of their design. In case the product is commercialized by a FOC partner, the royalty percentage can be different.

The Rules of the Game

I. Every six months FOC gives a design assignment for which each Talent provides one 3D-printable file of his/her design. The 3D-file becomes the property of FOC and in case your design is selected by FOC for commercialization, FOC receives the exclusive, indefinite and global license on the design. FOC will notify Talents within 3 months after submission if the design is selected for commercialization. If FOC does not commercialize your design within 12 months of the assignment deadline, you are free to use the design for your own (commercial) use.

II. In case the design is selected for commercialization, a free 3D-Printed copy will be sent to the Talent. On a 6-monthly basis FOC provides the Talents with a sales overview. Royalties (vary from 2.5% to 10%, depending on the assignment) will be paid out within six weeks after the calendar year has passed and FOC has received the invoice from the Talent.

III. Consumer prices will be determined by FOC.

IV. All information that FOC provides to the Talents is confidential and cannot be shared with others, nor used for other commercial purposes besides “FOC Talents”.

V. Talents can be eliminated from the Talents network, when he or she: – Fails to participate in two consecutive design assignments – Consistently fails to meet requirements set for 3D-files, in order to be 3D printable – Repeatedly sends in designs that are judged as disappointing by the jury.

VI. Royalties and prize money will be paid out at the end of the calendar year and within six weeks after receiving the invoice for the total amount.

If you are interested and are a young and talented designer with advanced CAD skills, you can send your portfolio to: bram@freedomofcreation.com