FOC Talents 2012 Summer design brief: Pin-ups

FOC Talents   29.Jun.2012

Pinup is a sexy and classy female style, inspired by the iconic imagery of mid-20th century models that men “pinned-up” their wall. In this assignment FOC Talents are challenged to design the dream product for Pinups (deadline: September 1st).

We will collaborate with media partner “The Pin Up Magazine” in order to get valuable insights into Pinup wishes and to select and promote the most desirable designs:

  1. Inspire (July + August): The Pin Up Magazine will ask their 30K+ Facebook followers to share what would be their dream product. This can serve as inspiration when creating your product designs
  2. Select (September): Through a Facebook poll Pinup followers can select which of your submitted designs they would like to see commercialized. FOC will do a preselection and checks if each design meets the brief
  3. Promote (From December): Selected designs will be sold through the FOC distribution channels and will feature in an extensive marketing campaign, including multiple full page print ads in the Pin Up Magazine combined with an online blast


There are no product category limitations, it is key that the designs appeals to the Pinup target group. Before September 1st 2012, designers that are part of the FOC Talents program can e-mail to

• The 3D-file of their design(s) in STL format
• 2 renderings of the design in Jpeg format
• A short description explaining the idea behind the design

Up till mid August you can consult the FOC designers and have them comment on your concepts.


Ross Lovegrove selects Louis Filosa as winner FOC Talents

FOC Talents   5.Mar.2012

The FOC Talents Challenge 2011 summer edition, in cooperation with Ross Lovegrove, was awarded to designers who interpreted Lovegrove’s vision of organic essentialism. The jury panel of the contest, composed by Ross Lovegrove, Janne Kyttanen and Brian Garret, were unanimous in their decision: Louis Filosa won the design competition with his Cobble necklace design.

Lovegrove commented about the winning design: “I find erosion a fantastic provider of form and it could be a metaphor for infinite form. What I also like about this work is the contained object which has an almost tribal quality and something more contemporary in the way it is worn…I like its strength and wearability almost as if emotions can crawl inside and live there…ritualistic.

The Cobble necklace is a precious collectible, visually intriguing as a complex piece of jewellery or as a beautiful, organic, and self-contained object. The Cobble necklace is now for sale in red or grey sparkle color.




Foc Talents Winter 2012 Design Brief with Zaha Hadid

FOC Talents   1.Nov.2011

In the 2012 winter design competition Freedom Of Creation Talents are asked to create an ‘interior jewel’; an eye-catching item that gives a personal touch to an interior and revives it. Zaha Hadid has co-written this assignment and will personally take part in the jury.

Zaha Hadid portrait

Freedom Of Creation has commissioned an innovation group from Delft University to conduct research on the needs of interior product consumers. The results show that especially young people are very interested in small eye-catching items that give a personal touch to their interior: an object that customizes the standard Ikea cupboards, gives a second life to an inherited furniture piece or can hold a coat, but is almost too appealing to use it as that…

Z-chair, design by Zaha Hadid for ‘Sawaya & Moroni’

Design brief
3D printing is a perfect and competitive technology for small items that require a high level of detail and geometric complexity. The ‘interior jewel’ we want the Talents to design is a knob/handle/hanger that can be applied throughout the whole interior: on cupboards/drawers, doors and as a hanger on the wall.

These are the design guidelines:

Victoria Koblenko features the Reality Check Ring

FOC Talents   23.Jun.2011

Our FOC Talents program keeps growing, which means we attract attention from international designers like Karim Rashid and Ross Lovegrove. More recently one of the very first talents products was released in a silver version, the Reality Check ring. Victoria Koblenko, a well known Dutch celebrity bought the first one we made, she even took it to one of her photoshoots – the results are stunning.

The Reality Check ring, designed by FOC Talent Josien Pieters is made from 100% Sterling Silver and is available in our online store, for €347,-.

Do you want to learn more about our Talents platform or join in, read more here.

Jan Kochanski wins FOC Talents competition 2011-Q1

FOC Talents   16.Jun.2011

For the 2011-Q1 bracelet competition we have received a broad range of high quality entries. The jury consisting of Bart Ruijpers (Product Design Director of Karim Rashid), Frederik Roijé and good-old Janne Kyttanen have selected ‘Spring bracelet’ by Jan Kochański as best design of this competition.


This is what the jury had to say about ‘Spring bracelet’:

“The design has an elegant complexity, in which we can see a similarity to the sensual and ornamental works of Karim, yet with a personal interpretation. The functionality of the stretching spring is nicely ‘hidden’ in the overall design and a good way to take advantage of the properties of the material and manufacturing method.”

FrederikRoije-BartRuijpers-JanneKyttanen-KarimRashid-FreedomOfCreation-Talents READ ON