Freedom Of Creation develops Tree-D Printing in Wood

FOC general  1.Apr.2011

We have been preaching about the sustainability of 3D printing for a long time, but it is still quite difficult for most to understand the bigger picture. As all should know by now our transportation of the future will be limited to just emails and our stock is reduced to just files stored on our hard drives.

However, the base materials still need to be created from scratch and they still need to be shipped all over the world. We have been very motivated to find alternatives for this that truly democratize creation. This means there is a 3D printer available to everyone, that anybody can use and that uses common materials that are found anywhere on the planet. Let us introduce the most ecological way to create products. Here are our first results coming out of our Tree-D printer – printed in teak and mahogany.

We have been busy with our development now for over 2 years and so far we have been able to 3D print in a range of wood sorts from around the world. We have especially put a lot of effort into trying as many kinds of wood as possible, so the production can happen anywhere in the world. As long as there are trees. The material we use is most simple – just fine sawdust. It is difficult to find any cheaper or more ecological material than this. After all, it is a waste material. The binders we have developed are working well with most heavy wood sorts, but research is also underway to produce objects also from light woods such as Balsa. Our printing process results in a darker finish on the surface than the sawdust itself due to effects of the binder when it hardens. READ ON

FOC & Iris collaborate on Heineken promotional campaign

FOC FOR  14.Mar.2011

For the launch of Heineken’s brand new premium STR bottle, creative agency IRIS came to FOC to help design & engineer a truly magical experience. To present the aluminium bottle to Heinekens stakeholders across the globe a suitable packing was needed. Since the newly designed bottle includes UV-sensitive ink the goal of the packaging was to showcase this in a mind-blowing experience.

An all black 3D-printed capsule was designed around the bottle, stuffed with all kind of witty technology to make the capsule interact when opened & closed. This capsule was split into two halves which are held together by a magnetic lock. When opened, UV light is automatically activated, revealing the otherwise invisible UV print.


Karim Rashid designs ‘Cross Series’ for the FOC Collection

FOC Collection  23.Feb.2011

We’ve kicked off 2011 with a prestigious collaboration, star designer Karim Rashid has conceived the amazing “Cross light” exclusively for our design Collection. This is what Karim Rashid – one of the most prolific designers of his generation – says about his creation:

“I thought to make a hyper-collage of my icons as a lit object, in changing scale and mass to create diverse shadows and light filtration, to really make one overriding blobular 3-d cross form, which is my symbol for Globalove,” says Karim Rashid about his astonishing “Cross” table, floor and suspension lamp designed for FOC. The 3D Cross is composed of an infinite number of small icons alluding to Karim’s most famous and iconic forms.

CROSS light: A suggestive cross-shaped light- available in suspended, table and standing versions – made up of the combination of Karim Rashid’s most memorable icons. The cross form is Karim Rashid’s symbol for Globalove.

The Cross light is now for sale from €457 (incl. 19% VAT) and can be purchased from FOC distributors and retailers or in the FOC online store

One ring for every day of the week, Aat brings us the 741

FOC Collection  21.Feb.2011

Dutch designer Aad Kruiswijk – from design studio AAT - has come up with an original jewelry concept which goes by the name ’741′. Instead of buying a single ring, when you buy 741 you get Seven rings for the price of one.

Each ring is different, so it’s up to you to pick one for each day of the week. The ring comes on a lipstick like container, is manufactured from Glass Filled 3D printed Nylon.

741 comes in two colors, pink & anthracite, is available as of today in our online store for €67,- In the video below you can see how the 741 ring works.


Pekka Salokannel wins third talents competition

FOC Talents  17.Feb.2011

The winner of the third Talents contest is Pekka Salokannel with his hanging light design ‘Cresco’. When creating his design Pekka conducted research into nature systems, instead of just nature shapes. Cresco means ‘multiply’ in Latin and the design is a mixture of nature mathematics and self invented shapes. The light is officially added to the FOC Collection.

The  2010-Q3 jury consisted of Janne Kyttanen, Saskia Bakker (owner of Edha) and Jeroen Jobse (partner of Now Is Here). Saskia and Jeroen are in daily contact with many lighting clients. They found that the classical look&feel, with an Arabic touch, matches a rising demand amongst their clients. The jury was also unanimous about the design having a strong unique identity as well as being coherent with the FOC Collection. The Cresco light is now for sale for €547 (incl. 19% VAT) and can be purchased from FOC distributors and retailers or in the FOC online store READ ON