November giveaway: Custom iPhone Puncture Case

FOC FOR  23.Nov.2011

To celebrate our successful collaboration with Freshfiber we’ve selected the Puncture Glove case for this months giveaway. But not just that… we’re actually giving away 3 Customized iPhone Puncture Glove cases. The three people who come up with the best text for the iPhone case win it.

Read on to find how to win, and send in your text.

Freshfiber Iphone cases launched at 270+ Apple stores

FOC FOR  22.Nov.2011

Freshfiber was founded as a collaboration between Freedom Of Creation and two entrepeneurs, Chris Dijkhof and Jurjen Rolf in 2009. Since then we have collaborated in developing and commercializing countless 3D printed products for the consumer electronics market. At first mainly focusing on smart phones from Apple, Samsung and Blackberry. Due to the success of the cases in several high-end retail stores worldwide, Apple has now decided to launch the products at all Apple retail stores across USA and Canada. This marks a great milestone for us on pushing 3D printed designs into the mainstream retail.

The first covers, which are now available at Apple retail stores, will be gray Doublemesh and Weave, Designed by Janne Kyttanen


3D Printed Fashion Awards 2011, designed by FOC & ATN

FOC FOR  11.Nov.2011

Freedom Of Creation teamed up with Atelier Ted Noten, to create the Dutch Fashion Awards for the second year in a row. Special attention was given to the Mercedes sponsored award, the 3d printed design incorporates the well known Mercedes Star. For the awards Freedom Of Creation made use of their well known 3D textile chains combined with items representing each of the 5 prize categories.

Foc Talents Winter 2012 Design Brief with Zaha Hadid

FOC Talents  1.Nov.2011

In the 2012 winter design competition Freedom Of Creation Talents are asked to create an ‘interior jewel’; an eye-catching item that gives a personal touch to an interior and revives it. Zaha Hadid has co-written this assignment and will personally take part in the jury.

Zaha Hadid portrait

Freedom Of Creation has commissioned an innovation group from Delft University to conduct research on the needs of interior product consumers. The results show that especially young people are very interested in small eye-catching items that give a personal touch to their interior: an object that customizes the standard Ikea cupboards, gives a second life to an inherited furniture piece or can hold a coat, but is almost too appealing to use it as that…

Z-chair, design by Zaha Hadid for ‘Sawaya & Moroni’

Design brief
3D printing is a perfect and competitive technology for small items that require a high level of detail and geometric complexity. The ‘interior jewel’ we want the Talents to design is a knob/handle/hanger that can be applied throughout the whole interior: on cupboards/drawers, doors and as a hanger on the wall.

These are the design guidelines:

Bijenkorf goes 3D printing with Freedom Of Creation

FOC general  26.Oct.2011

During the 3 crazy annual sales days at the biggest department chain in the Benelux, Bijenkorf gets a smell of 3D printing at their 9 locations.

This is the first time 3D printers have been sold at consumer markets with this kind of exposure, so it was exciting to be the first ones making it all possible. 1.2 million people visited Bijenkorf during the last weekend of September and 3 million people visited the online store. We compiled our experience in this short video above.