Brian Garret very first FOC Talent

FOC Talents  1.Sep.2009

FOC Launches plans for new talents network to be created beginning of 2010. Brian Garret leads the way with new things to come from freshly graduated students. If you have a fascination to the things we are doing and you are a talented young designer, please get in touch with us ( and we will tell you more about it.

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FOC on German Television

FOC general  25.Aug.2009

FOC was featured in primetime German TV on ARD channel. The program, Nature’s Best Inventions received 5.3 million viewers.

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FOC on cover of Designer Magazine

FOC general  1.Aug.2009

Janne Kyttanen is interviewed for the Designer Magazine. Riot light is featured on the cover of this publication.

Customised light for Ministry of Economical Affairs

FOC FOR  11.Jul.2009

Based on his Riot light, Janne Kyttanen designs a new light gift concept for the Dutch Ministry of Economical Affairs.



Bram de Zwart joins FOC

FOC general  10.Jul.2009

Bram de Zwart is hired as Product Manager for the FOC Collection.