FOC on BBC show: Bang goes the Theory

FOC general  28.Sep.2009

FOC creates 3D characters for a new show on BBC called “Bang goes the theory”. The FOC part starts after 2 minutes.

About the show:

It is, says presenter Dallas Campbell, a show for “anyone who is remotely curious about life, the Universe and pretty much everything.”

Now that’s a pretty broad scope, but what Bang Goes The Theory aims to do is look at how science shapes the world around us, in an engaging and relevant way. It’s about making science fascinating – and fun. READ ON

Janne Kyttanen creates a sculpture for Philips

FOC FOR  14.Sep.2009

Philips acquires Saeco, the Italian Coffee machine manufacturer. Janne Kyttanen designs 100 miniature sculptures to symbolize the merge between these two companies.


Christian Thiel designs for Tommy Hilfiger

FOC FOR  13.Sep.2009

Several designers were commissioned to represent the New York Big Apple as an art piece for a special auction organized by Tommy Hilfiger in New York.



Janne Kyttanen lectures at ARS Electronica

FOC general  11.Sep.2009

Janne Kyttanen was invited by the ARS Electronica in Linz, Austria to give several workshops and speeches during this annual media art event. Visit the ARS electronica website to learn more about the event.


Ilko Bosman to start-up FOC Producer

FOC Producer  2.Sep.2009

Ilko studied Information Management at the University of Nijmegen. During this period he separately started his own IT company that he ran for 2 years. In 2001 he joined as IT Auditor with ABN AMRO, one of the leading banks of the Netherlands. In his eight years at ABN AMRO, Ilko worked in various international roles in auditing, project management and outsourcing. In his latest role he managed the outsourced relations department for Asset Management.

In June 2009, Ilko decided to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship. Together with FOC he started on a new initiative for matching supply and demand in 3D printing production capacity. This has lead to the creation of FOC Producer.