FOC exhibits at World Fashion Centre Amsterdam

FOC general  10.Feb.2010

Once a year the World Fashion Centre (WFC) in Amsterdam invites designers to exhibit on their 200 square meter groundfloor exhibition space. For the 2010 exhibition FOC was invited to use this space to decorate it and exhibit our work.

This year is very special for Freedom Of Creation, since it is our 10 year anniversary. Later this year a 10 year anniversary book will be launched and various exhibitions will be held where more designs are exhibited. The show at WFC Amsterdam gives a good impression of the enormous amount of work that has been realized in the past 10 years in the field of 3D printed designs. READ ON

Personalized Awards for DraftFCB

FOC FOR  10.Feb.2010

Draftfcb, a international advertisement company commissioned FOC to work on a global crowd sourcing project titled Speedboat.

First part includes the creation of individualized awards, each speedboat award has the name of the recipient embossed in the design. More to follow on this project soon. READ ON

Competition model for Provincie Antwerpen

FOC FOR  3.Feb.2010

Benthem Crouwel contacted Freedom Of Creation to create their scale model.

The cutting edge fact for this project was mainly in the speed in which it was modeled, produced, assembled and delivered to the client, all within 8 days. READ ON

Janne Kyttanen designs new space dividers for Bijenkorf

FOC FOR  27.Jan.2010

Janne Kyttanen designs new space dividers for the new head office of Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, the project was designed together with Qua Associates, who were also the interior designers of the new Bijenkorf headquarters in Amsterdam.

This versatile new system is constructed out of 50 cm wide hexagon panels, which seamlessly connect together with a unique clicking system. READ ON

Riot lights for the collection of Design Museum Holon

FOC Collection  14.Jan.2010

The Riot light, designed by Janne Kyttanen in 2008, first introduced during the 100% Design Fair in London has been selected for the permanent collection of the new Design Museum in Holon, Israel. This new museum is designed by Ron Arad Architects.

Design Museum Holon is part of a long-standing commitment to culture and education in the city of Holon.

The establishment of Design Museum Holon is a high point in the ongoing process of transforming the city of Holon into an epicenter of culture and education. Over the past decade, the city has introduced a wealth of edification programs, launched cultural festivals, opened new museums and introduced urban art installations, all leading to the enrichment of municipal life.

The primary goals of Design Museum Holon are to inspire and challenge the design community and the general public’s perception of design and the way it affects their lives. READ ON