Freedom Of Creation exhibits in Milan

FOC Collection  18.Mar.2010

As part of the renowned Fuorisalone event in Milan, FOC will exhibit a selection of its Collection products at JVstore di Jannelli&Volpi. The Fuorisalone event will take place from April 14th until April 19th 2010.

JVstore di Jannelli&Volpi is just a few steps away from the Porta Venezia in the centre of Milan and is the beating heart of Wallcovering Design and Creation.

The building features three different levels in which you can find new concepts in style and design.

The JVstore selection of products embodies the spirit of continuous research into design and fashion influences. Objects sourced from international design capitals and from other rather more unexpected and unusual places, all meeting the design brief for colour, form and quality.


“Reality Check” by Josien Pieters wins FOC Talents 2010-Q1

FOC Talents  15.Mar.2010

The first FOC Talents competition brief was created by jewelry designer Ted Noten and published on January 1st 2010. It always deeply surprised Ted Noten that the wedding ring has such a boring appearance. Two people decide to connect forever and they all wear the same stuff: gold and incidentally they put a little white gold with it or a little red gold or…

Therefore he challenged the FOC Talents to come up with a new wedding ring design. As part of the submission the Talent had to make clear that he/she did research on the phenomenon Wedding-Rings through history and in different cultures. In the design it also had to be clear that 3D Printing and the nylon material were the only way to realize the design. So to say: technology and material follow function and its aesthetics.

FOC has received 15 entries before the submission deadline of March 1st 2010, which are now for sale in the FOC online store. On March 10th the jury consisting of Ted Noten, Frederik Roije and Janne Kyttanen came together at the FOC HQ in Amsterdam to select a winner from these entries. After long deliberation the jury unanimously selected ‘Reality Check’ by Josien Pieters as winner.

The jury praised Josiens’ witty approach to marriage and how she has translated both the historic Claddagh symbolism and today’s marriage reality into a playful ring. The ring, consisting of 5 pieces, can be worn in different configurations. Just like the historic Claddagh ring each item of ‘Reality Check’ is a symbol for marital status, allowing the wearer to communicate this to the outside world.


Julian designs scale model for Helen Dowling Institute

FOC FOR  14.Mar.2010

Freedom Of Creation designed a scale model for the new housing of the Helen Dowling Institute, an institute supporting people with cancer. Julian Sing came up with the idea to turn the scale model into a interactive piece, where the packaging of the model functions as a base to place it on.

The scale model serves as a giveaway for all parties involved in the realization of the project, a small series of 100 pieces has been produced with selective laser sintering technology.


Janne Kyttanen is interviewed for the German TV, ZDF

FOC general  12.Mar.2010

Elektrischer Reporter is a program on the German TV channel ZDF, which questions the impact that new digital phenomonoms such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook etc. can have on human societies. Their latest episode questions the impact 3D printing can have on how products are produced, distributed and stored in the future. Janne Kyttanen was interviewed for this episode.

[pro-player width="577" height="410"][/pro-player]

In order to see Janne Kyttanen in action you will have to hang in there for about 6 minutes..

High heel shoes by Pauline Van Dongen

FOC FOR  11.Mar.2010

As part of her fashion Master Studies at ArtEZ in Arnhem, Pauline Van Dongen collaborated with FOC on the design of 3D printed high heel womens shoes. The fashion collection by Pauline Van Dongen is called Morphogenesis. The shoes in various colors were also part of the FOC Future Of Fashion exhibition at The Amsterdam World Fashion Center. One of FOC’s manufacturing partners, CNC speedform, supported the creation of this futuristic concept by producing all the featured shoes for us.

Photo: Mike Nicolaassen