FOC 10 year anniversary show during Helsinki Design Week

FOC general  23.Aug.2010

We would like to invite you all to join our 10 year anniversary show during the Helsinki design week in Finland.

FOC will showcase a decade of research activity and excellence in 3D printed design, evidenced by a multitude of milestone achievements and underscored by an array of products and projects distinguished by awards and accolades from around the world.

Since FOC was founded in Helsinki by Janne Kyttanen, June 2000, we thought it would be nice to go back to the roots and showcase our decade of work during the Helsinki Design Week. On our 200 square meter exhibition space  we will display several products from the FOC Collection as well as give sneak previews of brand new products to be launched shortly. Also an overview of the countless projects we have done for a number of international clients will be showcased. READ ON

Talent rings and iPhone cases reduced in price

FOC Collection  26.Jul.2010

Both the iPhone cases and Talent rings have been reduced in price. The price of all 3G/3GS iPhone cases has dropped from €49,95 to €39,95 and the Talent rings from €37,- to €27,-*.


Who still thinks that 3D Printed products are by definition expensive?! Purchase these innovative items in our online store today and surprise someone close (or yourself) with a truly original product.

*Talent rings are no longer sold in the 3D printed cylinder shaped packaging, but in a plain black box.

Josien Pieters also wins second Talents competition

FOC Talents  15.Jul.2010

Apparently Josien Pieters is in a winning mood since the jury consisting of Frank Tjepkema, Jurjen Rolf and Janne Kyttanen has selected her ‘Freshfibers’ Blackberry case design as best out of 14 entries. The entries are assessed anonymous by the jury and again her design came out as winner, after she also won the first Talents competition with her wedding ring design ‘Reality Check‘.

The jury had a fierce discussion on who to select from three entries: ‘Linguini’ by Lionel Dean, ‘B100′ by Peter Hermans and ‘Freshfibers’ by Josien Pieters. The jury praised the forward thinking of Lionel Dean and the intriguing, innovative shape of the Linguini case. B100 was classified as a fun gimmick and a real conversation piece. ‘Freshfibers’ was finally selected as winner, because according to the jury this entry is an original answer to the first design criterion of the assignment that was provided by Freshfiber; make the Blackberry use more fun, or have more impact.

The user starts of with a case consisting of 48 detachable, mono-colored pieces: ‘Freshfibers’. These Freshfibers can be swapped with users that have a different color, in Josien her entry matching the country that the user lives in. The jury thinks the case can become a very social thing, since ‘Freshfibers’ can really stimulate (physical) interaction between global Blackberry users. The anticipated vivid (online) trade of Freshfibers can definitely increase the fun and impact of having a Blackberry and should result in increased social interaction. Also the scarcity of some Freshfibers’ colors can result in real collector’s items. READ ON

Gaudi Chairs, 3D printed furniture by Bram Geenen

FOC Collection  14.Jul.2010

Dutch designer Bram Geenen is the guy behind the popular 3D printed Gaudi Stool. In collaboration with Freedom Of Creation Geenen has created yet another stunning design in the Gaudi series, ‘the Gaudi Chair’. Both the Gaudi Stool and Gaudi Chair are now available in the Furniture section of our online store.

Gaudi Stool was designed using the same method as Antoni Gaudi, who made models of hanging chains, which upside-down showed him the strongest shape for his churches. Additionally, to be able to determine the structure of the chair’s backrest, a software script was used.

The script was based on three steps: First the distribution of forces across the surface of the chair. Secondly the direction of forces defined the direction of the ribs. Finally the amount of force specified the height of a rib. READ ON

Photo contest FOC Collection Lights

FOC Collection  14.Jul.2010

Are you the proud owner of a FOC Collection light and is photography one of your hobbies? Send us your best photos of the light in your interior and you can win a Dahlia or 1597 wall light!

Deadline: August 22nd 2010
Submission: E-mail your photos to*
Resolution: Minimum 1500 pixels wide, but preference for higher resolutions
Prize: Winner of the contest receives a free Dahlia (D32) or 1597 (D32). Winning photo will be announced on the FOC website on September 1st 2010

Here are some examples of frequently used interior pictures of our lights: