Freedom Of Creation enters customization with Kickstarter

FOC FOR  15.Jan.2011

In collaboration with electronics accessories brand Fresh Fiber design agency Freedom Of Creation has launched an initiative to bring a new breed of iPad cases to the market, unlike anything injection molding has ever seen.

Not only are all products in this range of iPad cases produced with 3D printing, they can be customized in 3D by their owner with for example text, logo’s, name’s or icons, each and every product will be a one-off piece.

We’re using the social funding platform Kickstarter to make this a reality, with your help, we hope to raise $20.000 to start the production of customized 3D printed design.

Freedom Of Creation exhibits during Passagen 2011

FOC general  7.Jan.2011

Freedom Of Creation kicks off its year for exhibitions during the Passagen in Cologne. During Passagen 2011 we are pleased to introduce the first lights from Karim Rashid in our collection. First in line is the Cross series as table, standing and hanging lights. Stay tuned for more designs from Karim to be launched during the spring.

Dates and times
17-22 January, 11.00-20.00 hrs

18 January, 18.00-20.00 hrs

Galerie Fiebach & Minninger, Venloer Str. 26, 50672 Cologne

Freedom Of Creation meets Amsterdam Merchandising

FOC FOR  6.Jan.2011

The custom 3D printed card stand is the first exploration for Amsterdam Merchandising using this new production technology. 3D printing enables the creation of designs, such as customized items, which were impossible to be produce until today.

Amsterdam Merchandising, who have the exclusive license for selling and distributing the well known I Amsterdam merchandise based on the the IAmsterdam concept is collaborating with Freedom Of Creation to create their first products produced through 3D printing.

The customizable card stand, designed by Janne Kyttanen, is the first in this new series of an entire line of new products.


FOC Talents design brief 2011-Q1: Bracelet Design

FOC Talents  1.Jan.2011

We kick off 2011 with a great new Talents assignment. Karim Rashid, known for his fast forward designs, is co-creator of this assignment and will take part in the jury. This time the Talents are challenged to design a bracelet that will be manufactured in new Grey SLS Nylon. New addition is the possibility for Talents to receive feedback halfway from the FOC design team on their progress.

Below some examples of bracelets that are made from SLS Nylon. Clockwise, starting from the left top: Ted Noten – ‘Pig bracelet’, Lionel Dean – ‘Super Kitsch’, Nervous System – ‘Pinch bracelet’, Peggy Bannenberg READ ON

Kasheeda, the first 3D printed typeface in the world

FOC FOR  16.Dec.2010

Freedom Of Creation has just launched the production and distribution of the world’s first 3D printed typeface and made one further step towards its dream of totally customized industrial production available to a global public. Kashida-arabic and Kashida-latin are the two versions of the three-dimensional font, developed by Yara Khoury and Melle Hammer in collaboration with Freedom Of Creation and upon invitation by the Khatt foundation for Arabic typography and design research.

With the innovative Kashida-arabic and Kashida-latin 3D fonts, the customer can type his personal text, word or acronym on the computer and order his sculptural text directly from the 3D printers of Freedom Of Creation. This means 100% customization: the very first opportunity to have a standardized basis product personalized to every single one’s needs, fabricated just in time in an industrial way and distributed all over the world. The rapid manufacturing dream is becoming reality and Freedom Of Creation once more is the pioneer.

Make yours now: Kasheeda Customization App