Expand media produces new banner designs for FOC

FOC Home   25.Nov.2009

As we exhibit our work all over the globe we often look for effective ways of communicating our vision both graphically and physically. Next to presenting physical products from our collection we often collaborate with Expand Media, they provide us with a range of creative printed display material.  Expand Media is a Swedish company specialized in producing portable display materials.


FOC crowdsources creation of its 10 year anniversary book

FOC Home   12.Nov.2009


We are crowdsourcing partners for our 10 year anniversary book 2010. Do you want to be part of this as a publisher, graphic designer or an advertiser? READ ON

FOC celebrates the fall of Berlin wall

FOC Home   29.Oct.2009

FOC collaborates with rooms-Interior and its German distributor Now is Here, to create a special exhibition. It celebrates the 20 year unity of Germany and the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. The dates for the exhibition at rooms-Interior in Berlin are from 17 November – 2 January. For this special occasion Janne Kyttanen designed in co-operation with Stefan Schad a limited edition of custom lights in remembrance of the fall of the Berlin wall. These lights will be sold exclusively by rooms-Interior in Berlin.


A 3D printer will be installed at this event to produce FOC designs at rooms-Interior in Berlin. FOC is a true pioneer in designing with 3D printing technologies therefore this is very exciting, as it is the very first event for FOC showing the 3D print process by installing 3D printers on a retail location. Having production happening on the spot and people being able to interact and customize the products on the fly is truly innovative. We are true believers of people having 3D printers at their homes in the future and this marks the first step for FOC in this direction.

During the event Janne Kyttanen will also design products on the fly (Like Bob Ross, but now in 3D), give a workshop (November 18th 19:00-21:00) and a presentation of the work from FOC on Wednesday,  18 November. You can register for this event and get more detailed information here.

Janne Kyttanen is interviewed for Adformatie

FOC Home   23.Oct.2009

Janne Kyttanen is interviewed for Adformatie by Susanne van Nierop.


Adformatie is a Dutch weekly magazine focusing on the advertisement, marketing and media industries. Janne Kyttanen talks about the importance of what designing with 3D printing technologies can mean for the advertisement industry. They can now with relative ease, extreme speed, flexibility and low investments launch more cross media campaigns featuring real products rather than only focus on traditional media such as print, tv and web. READ ON

FreshFiber launches 3D printed iPhone covers

FOC Home   21.Oct.2009

FreshFiber just introduced their Winter Collection, a range of revolutionary rapid manufactured iPhone covers, at the Gitex Technology Week in Dubai. FreshFiber worked together closely with FOC on launching these new products, with Janne Kyttanen taking the lead by designing the freshly launched Winter Collection. FreshFiber claims: “Everybody deserves fashion to clothe and express themselves, and so do the electronics devices we use daily.”


As described in Shuffle Magazine : “The base materials can range from paper to rubber to metal. Otherwise impossible 3D shapes arise: shock absorbing bumpers, airflow channels keeping your phone cool, witty moving parts and more.”

A short interview with FreshFiber founder Christian Dijkhof, showcasing the new iPhone covers.