Freedom Of Creation featured on WeTransfer

FOC Home   28.Apr.2010

Over the past months WeTransfer has created quite some buzz with their sleek designed online file transfer service. The service will deliver your files around the globe, while running beautiful full page ads in the background.

Together with WeTransfer we selected a range of nice FOC products to showcase on this state-of-the-art file transfer machine. It’s great to see our collection items next to a pair of brand new Nike sneakers, the latest Vitra chairs or some Ralph Vaessen sunglasses.


Janne Kyttanen interviewed by JPeople Magazine

FOC Home   21.Apr.2010

For the latest issue of urban fashion & culture magazine JPEOPLE, Janne Kyttanen was interviewed about his history with 3D printing design. You can read the full story here in PDF format or have a look at the JPEOPLE website.


Pechakucha night with Janne Kyttanen

FOC Home   8.Apr.2010

As part of the first edition of Amersfoort Marketing and Design Congres 2010, Janne Kyttanen was invited to give a Pecha Kucha presentation about Freedom Of Creation. Pecha Kucha is a Japanese initiate of doing an elevator pitch in the most efficient manner. With Pecha Kucha, you have to get your message across in 400 seconds (20 slides, 20 seconds per slide).

Janne decided to revamp the Pecha Kucha concept a bit and gave a modified presentation of 100 slides with an increasing tempo, so that he would only have 1 second per slide in the end. Good experiment to see whether he would totally lose the plot in the end. Sadly Microsoft powerpoint doesn’t support slide transitions below 1 second.

[pro-player width='570' height='410' type='video'][/pro-player]

Janne Kyttanen interviewed by Shapeways

FOC Home   29.Mar.2010

Shapeways recently interviewed Janne Kyttanen the Founder of Freedom Of Creation, the interview gives an impression of both the vision and history of Janne Kyttanen and FOC in general.

Janne Kyttanen is one of the very first people to seize upon the opportunity to make designs for consumers using 3D printing. Janne is the founder of Freedom of Creation. FOC is a groundbreaking and inspiring design label that is ahead of the pack with regards to 3D printing & design. We were happy to interview him to find out what Freedom of Creation is all about and how Janne views the future of design and 3D printing.

Shapeways: What is Freedom of Creation?
Janne Kyttanen: A pioneering design company busy with a new industrial revolution

Shapeways: How did you get into 3D printing?
Janne Kyttanen:I saw it on some fair in the mid 90′s. I had my first computer when I was 8 years old and have been pretty much counting polygons ever since. When I saw the first 3D printer, I immediately saw every object around me in wireframe and realized where this whole thing was going to go. I got quite obsessed with it quite early on and skipped making products by other means. For me it was so clear, that I didn,t see any point making anything by hand anymore.

Shapeways: What kind of products do you make?
Janne Kyttanen: Everyday something new and the list is very long. It can range from exclusive furniture to surgical guides to Iphone covers to buttons to whatnot.


Punchbag and 3D-textiles on display in MoMA

FOC Home   18.Mar.2010

FOC’s Punchbag and 3D-textiles are currently on display at The Philip Johnson Architecture and Design Galleries at MoMA. The works are featured in the exhibition ‘Action! Design Over Time, curated by Paola Antonelli.

From the MoMA website: Objects are not still. And yet design is often considered in terms of static aesthetic and functional qualities, without much consideration of trajectory in time or relationships with people. The objects presented in Action! Design over Time reveal the often overlooked dimension of temporality, providing a deeper understanding of contemporary design.’

The exhibition started on February 5th and is on going.