Freedom Of Creation at Euromold 2010

FOC Home   16.Dec.2010

Our exhibition during this year’s Euromold generated a lot of traffic on our website as well as buzz around the visitors during this years event.

We wish to thank our sponsors again for making it possible to exhibit this year, EOS, FKM Sintertechnik, HSL, Stratasys and the Additive Manufacturing research group at Loughborough University, UK.


Freedom Of Creation exhibits at EUROMOLD 2010

FOC Home   23.Nov.2010

2010 marks the 10th anniversary year for Freedom Of Creation. During this year we have organized all kinds of happenings to celebrate this milestone. Most memorable so far has been our recent show during the Helsinki Design Week in September. Normally we don’t exhibit at manufacturing fairs, such as Euromold, but since all our products are produced with 3D printing technologies, this year we decided to celebrate this occasion also with our manufacturing partners.

A very special thanks belongs to all those companies who have helped growing our company from scratch and especially our most loyal suppliers, who are also sponsoring our appearance at Euromold: EOS, Stratasys, FKM-Sintertechnik, HSL,  3T RPD and Additive Manufacturing Research group at Loughborough University. We would also like to thank Demat, who triggered us and invited us to exhibit during Euromold this year.

Freedom Of Creation in Dutch TV show ‘Het Klokhuis’

FOC Home   11.Nov.2010

Dutch TV show ‘Het Klokhuis‘, which is the most popular educative show for children in the Netherlands, has an episode on 3D printing. The aim of this Dutch television show is explaining ‘how stuff works’. Since Freedom Of Creation is the first company to design solely with this technology, it was the perfect location for showcasing design with 3D printing.

In the show, Janne Kyttanen founder of Freedom Of Creation talks about the process of designing an iPhone case and how digital fabrication opens up on demand production around the globe. Click here to see the episode (in Dutch). READ ON

FOC exhibits at DHUB, Barcelona

FOC Home   11.Oct.2010

FOC exhibits during the Fabrication Laboratory exhibition at the Design Museum in Barcelona. This exhibition tells the story of the fundaments of 3D printed designs and explains the public about what kind of an impact this will have in the way products are created and put in the market in the future.

The exhibition already started in the summer 2010, but will last until 29.5.2011. For more info about opening times please follow this link.


A peek behind 10 years of 3d printing by Janne Kyttanen

FOC Home   28.Sep.2010

Right after his graduation from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, Janne Kyttanen founded Freedom Of Creation (FOC) in Helsinki, June 2000. The plan was bold: Start a company which would change the way all products were produced. Ship only data around the world in the form of 3D files and produce all products locally through 3D printing technologies…and do this with no investments, just sit behind the computer and work from the sofa …erhm..right:-)

“If I would have known what I was really getting into, I probably would have made different plans. But then again, the most valuable lesson I learned from my shrink is that there is no other way to learn except by doing. So making different plans would probably not have worked out anyway. Since I am a designer, the first 10 years has been a “learn from hard knocks” about all aspects needed to run a company and about what kind of people will contribute to the company’s success… Especially when creating something nobody has ever done before and that the market is not directly requesting. In the short term, it made absolutely no business sense to begin what we started. The running joke inside FOC is that 10 years ago we were 20 years too early. Regardless of the lack of any logic based on the traditional business manufacturing model, the foundation of the company ran purely on the passion to create a global design platform from which all creative freedoms that your heart could desire would become a reality. READ ON