Freedom Of Creation opens their doors @ Open Studio Night

FOC Home   9.May.2011

Coming Thursday May 12th Freedom Of Creation will participate in the Amsterdam Open Studio Night and open their doors to the public. Are you living in Amsterdam and are interested in design with 3D printing, feel free to drop by and see our design work as well as live 3D printing in action.

If you’re a creative and wish to show your portfolio you can arrange this through the official Open Studio Night website here – be fast since there are only 10 places available.

Freedom Of Creation Tree-D printer: The making off

FOC Home   1.Apr.2011

It has been a sunny and a day full of laughter here in Amsterdam. How was your April 1st? We have had thousands of Tweets, Facebook likes and several customers are already lining up to buy our Tree-D printer. So without a doubt there is a market for such a device.

Obviously we are not in the business of making a machine that 3D prints wood, however this a clear sign for any 3D printer manufacturer out-there to take on this challenge and make it happen.

We have an endless well of great 3D content, which is dying to get out of our hard drives and turn themselves into tangible wooden products. Since wood is one of the most abundant materials on earth and binding sawdust together with glue is no rocket science, combining this with our designs, would certainly create some kick-ass products.

A special thanks to MocoLoco, FastCoDesign, TreeHugger and Fabbaloo for being the first to pick up our April Fools Tree-D printing story!

Have a nice weekend all…:-)

Freedom Of Creation develops Tree-D Printing in Wood

FOC Home   1.Apr.2011

We have been preaching about the sustainability of 3D printing for a long time, but it is still quite difficult for most to understand the bigger picture. As all should know by now our transportation of the future will be limited to just emails and our stock is reduced to just files stored on our hard drives.

However, the base materials still need to be created from scratch and they still need to be shipped all over the world. We have been very motivated to find alternatives for this that truly democratize creation. This means there is a 3D printer available to everyone, that anybody can use and that uses common materials that are found anywhere on the planet. Let us introduce the most ecological way to create products. Here are our first results coming out of our Tree-D printer – printed in teak and mahogany.

We have been busy with our development now for over 2 years and so far we have been able to 3D print in a range of wood sorts from around the world. We have especially put a lot of effort into trying as many kinds of wood as possible, so the production can happen anywhere in the world. As long as there are trees. The material we use is most simple – just fine sawdust. It is difficult to find any cheaper or more ecological material than this. After all, it is a waste material. The binders we have developed are working well with most heavy wood sorts, but research is also underway to produce objects also from light woods such as Balsa. Our printing process results in a darker finish on the surface than the sawdust itself due to effects of the binder when it hardens. READ ON

Freedom Of Creation exhibits during Maison & Objet

FOC Home   17.Jan.2011

Freedom Of Creation exhibits during Maison & Objet Paris in collaboration with one of its’ distributors, Exnovo. The Maison & Objet exhibition showcases the first FOC Talents lighting product, Cresco by Pekka Salokannel. The light is inspired by the systems of nature, repeating and multiplying small modules to create complex structures and organic shapes. Cresco is a suggestive object with fluid lines and attracting details.

Besides this new product launch, most of the award winning designs from the FOC Collection are also on display – such as Dahlia (Vitra Museum) and Macedonia tray (MOMA New York).

Dates: 21-25.1

Hours: 09:00-19:00

Hall: 8, M16 (Exnovo)

Venue: Paris Nord Villepinte

More info:


Freedom Of Creation exhibits during Passagen 2011

FOC Home   7.Jan.2011

Freedom Of Creation kicks off its year for exhibitions during the Passagen in Cologne. During Passagen 2011 we are pleased to introduce the first lights from Karim Rashid in our collection. First in line is the Cross series as table, standing and hanging lights. Stay tuned for more designs from Karim to be launched during the spring.

Dates and times
17-22 January, 11.00-20.00 hrs

18 January, 18.00-20.00 hrs

Galerie Fiebach & Minninger, Venloer Str. 26, 50672 Cologne