FOC is nominated for the Index Award 2008

FOC Home   5.Apr.2008

The INDEX:Award is the biggest design award in the world, with a total award sum of 500,000 euros, but this grand figure financed by the state of Denmark isn’t the only aspect distinguishing the INDEX:Award from most other design Awards.


The INDEX:Award is also the main driver of INDEX:’s mission to generate more Design to Improve Life of higher quality all over the world. The award receives nominations from China to the United States, from Finland to South Africa, from Singapore to Jordan and from these nominations, the outstanding INDEX: international jury selects the best as finalists, and the very best as winners of the biennial award. READ ON

Janne Kyttanen in Holland Herald

FOC Home   25.Feb.2008

Janne Kyttanen is interviewed for the KLM inflight magazine, Holland Herald.


Janne Kyttanen is young designer of the year 2007

FOC Home   10.Oct.2007

Shoe designer Julia Lundsten (b. 1975) and designer Janne Kyttanen (b. 1974) have been awarded the Design Forum Finland’s Young Designer of the Year 2007 prize.

The awarded designers have both received their design training abroad Julia Lundsten in London and Janne Kyttanen in Barcelona and Amsterdam. Lundsten established her shoe-design company FINSK in London, and Kyttanen the Freedom of Creation company in Amsterdam. Based on the designers’ strong personal conception of design and intelligent insight into design and methods of manufacturing, these companies display international promise in both content and business skills.


The award jury noted that Julia Lundsten and Janne Kyttanen represent the best of Finland’s internationally oriented young designers. Through their bold decisions and uncompromising work they are deepening the diversity of design and expanding its international character. At the same time, they express in their works the traditions of Finnish design clarity and pure lines without ignoring a playful light touch.


The members of the jury were CEO Mikko Kalhama, Design Forum Finland, and curator Jukka Savolainen, Design Museum Helsinki.

Previous recipients of the prize are designers Harri Koskinen and Ilkka Suppanen (2000), interior architect Karola Sahi and architect Eeva Lithovius (2001), designer and cabinetmaker Tuuli Autio and designer and silversmith Pyry Tamminen (2002), graphic designers Antti Hinkula and Teemu Suviala (2005) and industrial designer Jukka Korpihete and furniture designer Mikko Paakkanen (2006).