Alan rocks @ Freedom Of Creation

    FOC general  6.Apr.2012

    Hiring designers at Freedom Of Creation is not an everyday treat. We don’t just seek for creative minds, but rare talents who can take any product or project from A to Z within days. Our designers need to have a skill-set with a combination of being a 3D CAD specialist, full blown engineer, 3D printing expert, but above all fun to hang-around with.

    Alan Nguyen possessed all these skills and much more, so we decided to buy him a computer, clear a bit of desk and let him go crazy. During his few months stay at Freedom Of Creation, Alan has already successfully finished several products and worked for a number of prestigious clients of ours. We welcome Alan on board!

    Mash-up shoes together with Janne Kyttanen for Freshfiber

    Lightnest created together with Frederik Roije for FOC.

    F50 Adidas launch campaign by Alan Nguyen.

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