Apple acquires exclusivity for FreshFiber iPhone cases

FOC FOR   5.Mar.2010

Since a new partner company of FOC, Freshfiber was launched in the fall of 2009, things have gone very fast. This company was set up to specialize in fashionable 3D printed protection designs for electronics and the first products to be developed were Iphone covers. The first line was initially introduced in Dubai during the Gitex show in November2009 and you could not wish for a better launching customer than Apple. Since for a couple weeks now, one of these designs ‘Double Mesh’ is part of the Apple product collection and can be purchased directly from their online store.  Apple has acquired the European exclusivity to  sell the Double Mesh in 3 colors. All other colors can be bought in the FOC online store.

Janne Kyttanen, the designer of the products, comments: “This is of course great news for us to get Apple on board. Most of FOC’s products are premium priced due to the high costprice of larger volume 3D printed objects. Since we now have a small-sized product in our hands and the network from Apple selling them, the production quantities are expected to become very high. This is also great news for the entire 3D printing industry, because finally there is a product on the market which can really bring the technology to the masses.”

FOC creates exclusive chairs for 100ft Yacht

FOC FOR   10.Feb.2010

FOC was commissioned by a Dutch design company, Wetzels Brown Partners to co-develop the creation of 23 unique chairs for a 100 ft. sailing yacht and private residence.

The chair structure is inspired on Janne Kyttanen’s Macedonia tray, the 3D printed outer shell is manufactured in a single piece. Only one shell can be fitted into the state of the art 3D printing machines, thereby making this the one of the largest single pieces ever to be produced with Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) by Freedom Of Creation.

The rapid manufactured shell is seamlessly connected to a high gloss finished metal base, which allows the chair to swivel freely. The cutting edge outer structure is combined with a traditional high quality padded leather shell which can easily be popped in and out of the chair structure.

To create a nice contrast between the soft leather and hard outer structure, a high gloss finish was applied to the nylon structure. READ ON

Personalized Awards for DraftFCB

FOC FOR   10.Feb.2010

Draftfcb, a international advertisement company commissioned FOC to work on a global crowd sourcing project titled Speedboat.

First part includes the creation of individualized awards, each speedboat award has the name of the recipient embossed in the design. More to follow on this project soon. READ ON

Competition model for Provincie Antwerpen

FOC FOR   3.Feb.2010

Benthem Crouwel contacted Freedom Of Creation to create their scale model.

The cutting edge fact for this project was mainly in the speed in which it was modeled, produced, assembled and delivered to the client, all within 8 days. READ ON