3D printed structure for Next Architects

FOC FOR   3.May.2010

Freedom Of Creation was approached by NEXT architects to create an exact replica of an existing roof structure for a scale model. NEXT Architects needed to include the existing building structure in their model. But how to create such a complex structure quickly and precisely?

3D printing was the answer, the parts were drawn by NEXT architects and produced in one of our Laser Sintering systems. Each of the beam sections is only 1mm in thickness. Combining the 3D printed parts with the traditional maquette built by Made by mistake, NEXT Architects created a fabulous model.


Julian designs scale model for Helen Dowling Institute

FOC FOR   14.Mar.2010

Freedom Of Creation designed a scale model for the new housing of the Helen Dowling Institute, an institute supporting people with cancer. Julian Sing came up with the idea to turn the scale model into a interactive piece, where the packaging of the model functions as a base to place it on.

The scale model serves as a giveaway for all parties involved in the realization of the project, a small series of 100 pieces has been produced with selective laser sintering technology.


High heel shoes by Pauline Van Dongen

FOC FOR   11.Mar.2010

As part of her fashion Master Studies at ArtEZ in Arnhem, Pauline Van Dongen collaborated with FOC on the design of 3D printed high heel womens shoes. The fashion collection by Pauline Van Dongen is called Morphogenesis. The shoes in various colors were also part of the FOC Future Of Fashion exhibition at The Amsterdam World Fashion Center. One of FOC’s manufacturing partners, CNC speedform, supported the creation of this futuristic concept by producing all the featured shoes for us.

Photo: Mike Nicolaassen


New award for Asics Left and Right campaign

FOC FOR   10.Mar.2010

Our collaboration with Amsterdam Worldwide for their Onitsuka Tiger and Asics advertisement accounts keep on winning awards. Next in line is winning the Mobius Award. Check out this new video that Amsterdam Worldwide put together to explain the outcome of this great campaign in high detail.

Freedom Of Creation designed the Onitsuka Tiger shoe, which was completely 3D printed in nylon.

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