Freedom Of Creation collaborates with Cloudfactory

FOC FOR   18.Jul.2011

Freedom Of Creation collaborated with Cloudfactory on a series of limited edition 3D printed design objects, which were launched at the first ever Cloudfactory pop-up store in Amsterdam.

One of the co-founders of Cloudfactory said, “They all, in their own way, invoke curiosity, originality and an element of surprise. It’s all there in the designs, whether it’s a bow-tie book, perfume bottles crafted from soap, or a wind cape to wear on your bike in the rain, which plays with the elements.” The international Cloudfactory team includes fashion designers, copywriters, product designers, technologists, business strategists, art directors, photographers, and stylists. They have collaborated together to make this first Cloudfactory Collection possible.

Dirty Clothes Monsters by By Ricardo Adolfo & Jessica Kersten

Stinky, Smudge, Smelly and Stain are best friends. They spend their time playing in the secret filthy corners of the house. One day Stain disappears and his friends set out to find him. An adventure full of escapes, forced baths and a lot of dirt. The book is published in Portuguese and English.

Silhouette collection by Liza Witte. Photography by Marcel Christ.

A collection of sophisticated perfume bottles made of black soap. The ephemeral sculptures will melt away, releasing their unique scent.

To view or purchase products from the entire Cloudfactory collection, please follow this link to the Cloudfactory online store


FOC collaborates with Ted Noten & Laikingland

FOC FOR   5.Jul.2011

Freedom Of Creation collaborates with Atelier Ted Noten on ‘Lady Killer Vol1′ an unconventional jewelry box for Laikingland. The mechanically complex object is inspired by ATN’s 2004 exhibition ‘unstaged‘ where a set of full sized industrial robots guarded a safe, which possessed a single precious ring.

Continuing further on this concept ATN came up with the so called ‘lady killer vol.1′, a robot manufactured with state of the art 3D printing technologies.

Contained within a transparent case, the miniature robot is activated by the push of a button, its single prosthetic rising and rotating to graciously offer a golden gun-shaped ring. READ ON

Brian Garret designs the Frame Rate Fest Awards

FOC FOR   23.May.2011

Freedom Of Creations’ designer Brian Garret has created a series of 3D printed awards for the Frame Rate Fest Contest. In collaboration with communication agency These Days, a series of 4 personalized awards were made to celebrate the following winners:

- Chopper by Giel Berkers
- Rainbow Ride by Remco van den Brink
- Triangularity by Michel Ypma
- Amazing Maze by Mike & Paul

The Frame Rate Fest was organised to create attention for newly launched Internet Explorer 9 browser by Microsoft, each participant had to create their own frame, filled with interactive – slightly geeky – web stuff. READ ON

Julian Sing creates stunning 3D printed Marine Models

FOC FOR   23.May.2011

During the past couple of months Freedom Of Creation has been producing some high-end 3D printed marine models for established companies such as Sealevel and start-up companies like Wi Dizyn.

Our expertise in design for 3D printing allows us to make up to 85% of the models with the different 3D printing techniques. This includes the main components such as the hull, superstructures, transoms but also the finer details like fenders, railings, propellers, antennas, furniture and bells. READ ON