FOC Collaborates with LCF and Within

FOC FOR   15.Jun.2009

Making interlocking structures with 3D printing, which could eventually have the smoothness of textiles, was the brain child from Jiri Evenhuis, at FOC 2000. Making simple flat pieces was technically relative easy already back then. However, automating bullet proof software for applying these structures on any double curved surfaces and then being able to also 3D print them, is a bit of a different story. Here are some development pictures of functional coding for complex surfaces.
Development partners in this project are:
 Within and London College of Fashion.


Image courtesy Within

Electric Tigerland is nominated for Titanium Lion

FOC FOR   30.Apr.2009

The Electric Tigerland campaign, created in collaboration between FOC and Amsterdam Worldwide, is nominated for the Titanium Lion during the annual International Advertising Festival in Cannes.

Janne Kyttanen designs for the city of Amsterdam

FOC FOR   8.Aug.2008

The Local Government of Amsterdam commissioned FOC to design a trophy for its 10 year edition of the annual “Zuiderkerkprijs” Award. Janne Kyttanen designed the trophy so that it morphs from the “Zuiderkerkprijs” text into the winning building by HVDN Architects. By doing it in this way, the winners get something very special and personal, since their design is incorporated in the award itself.

Zuiderkerkprijs Award Hi Res 2

Janne Kyttanen designs for Havana Club

FOC FOR   23.Jul.2008

A selected group of one 100 artists were given free hands to play with the classic Havana Club bottle. “100 Pieces of Havana”, a special one-off show took place at London’s Dray Walk Gallery July 23 to July 28, 2008. Janne Kyttanen designed a new concept for a bottle, which gave tribute to the spirit, instead of excessive use of ice, which most night clubs focus on.

FOC havana club

In addition to this, an exclusive and unique cocktail sticks were designed based on the icebreaker concept. READ ON