Freedom Of Creation designs “2Litre house” model

FOC FOR   4.Oct.2009

Working with Zelian and PlasticsEurope Freedom Of Creation created a laser sintered scale model that explains the features of the development project. We wanted to bring the model to life by adding in people, furniture, cars and even light fittings. Going into this detail created a sense of fun and interest. The model is used by PlasticsEurope to promote sustainable housing development projects.  The Scale for this 3d printed model is 1:90.



Scale model designed for Hootsmans architects

FOC FOR   30.Sep.2009

FOC Imagineering creates a unique scale model for Hootsmans architects. The assignment was to convert a chapel into a school building for the Communal Institution for Child Protection. The conversion comprised of twelve classrooms all of which are reversible and temporary.

The model was laser sintered in one go and mounted on a white base finished off with a clear display case, the scale for this model was 1:100.


‘It is wonderful having discovered the 3D printing process for the construction of our architectural models.  In the case of our design for chapel De Zande, with its fragmented interior, Laser sintering made a marvellous model.’ -Hootsmans Architects READ ON

Janne Kyttanen creates a sculpture for Philips

FOC FOR   14.Sep.2009

Philips acquires Saeco, the Italian Coffee machine manufacturer. Janne Kyttanen designs 100 miniature sculptures to symbolize the merge between these two companies.


Christian Thiel designs for Tommy Hilfiger

FOC FOR   13.Sep.2009

Several designers were commissioned to represent the New York Big Apple as an art piece for a special auction organized by Tommy Hilfiger in New York.