Printing in Paper.. its here at Freedom Of Creation

FOC FOR   5.Nov.2009

Freedom Of Creation has been exploring the field of 3D printing for nearly a decade. We have been pioneering the future of rapid manufacturing design goods and bringing customization to the masses. One of the promising technologies that will bring lots of new opportunities to 3D printing, is printing in paper.

MCOR has been exploring this technology for several years and with the presentation of the matrix 300 printer it’s becoming reality. Freedom Of Creation is one of the first to print a FreshFiber iPhone cover in colored layers of paper. For the first time the layering effect of 3D printing is actually adding value to the finish and look and feel of a product.



Julian Sing designs scale model of Concert Hall

FOC FOR   23.Oct.2009

FOC’s Imagineering department collaborated with Aldo Vos and Gabri Klarenbeek from Broekbakema architects, to translate their 2D ideas into the design of a 3D scale model.
We started by converting their 2D CAD files into a digital 3D model of a Concert Hall in Windschoten. After that the environment of the building was brought to life by adding nature and people to it. The model was split in two so it could more easily illustrate the layout and concept to the viewer.
The model was completely laser sintered including fine details like people at a 1:200 scale


“For us it was a new method. We were surprised by the result, specially the level of detail. It  is very impressive!”

-Gabri Klarenbeek, Broekbakema


Freedom Of Creation designs for Autodesk

FOC FOR   7.Oct.2009

Autodesk asked Freedom Of Creation to produce a segment of a recent ONL architects project for the Autodesk head office.. With the goal of illustrating the advancements in 3D design and production. The advanced structure presented in this scale model was used to create the largest BMW showroom in The Netherlands. This is an one piece model laser sintered in Nylon and colored grey to finish.


“Looks great, very happy with the results” - Matthew Tierney, Autodesk


Janne Kyttanen designs a tribute for the WBA

FOC FOR   5.Oct.2009

2009 marks the 17th edition of the Woonbeurs in Amsterdam. This year the organizers decided to congratulate the winners of the Woonbeurs pins from the past years with a special tribute design. These 16 designers are: Ulf Moritz, Hella Jongerius, Richard Hutten, Tord Boontje, Henk Vos, Droog Design, Jan des Bouvrie, Jurgen Bey, Marcel Wanders, Piet Boon, Piet Hein Eek, Studio Job, Art of living, Forbo Flooring and Lidewij Edelkoort. The Riot light, designed by Janne Kyttanen, was customized to a special gift for these 16 designers. All the designer’s portraits are part of the design.


As a thank you, Janne Kyttanen also designed a limited edition of 50 stamping rings for the Woonbeurs organizers.