Janne Kyttanen designs new space dividers for Bijenkorf

FOC FOR   27.Jan.2010

Janne Kyttanen designs new space dividers for the new head office of Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, the project was designed together with Qua Associates, who were also the interior designers of the new Bijenkorf headquarters in Amsterdam.

This versatile new system is constructed out of 50 cm wide hexagon panels, which seamlessly connect together with a unique clicking system. READ ON

Tjep: Oogst 1 Solo – 3D printed scale model design

FOC FOR   2.Jan.2010

Freedom Of Creation collaborated with Tjep to create a stunning scale model of the Tjep Oogst concept. Tjep is a design agency based in Amsterdam, in October 2008, Tjep. initiated an investigation into new developments in the agricultural sector. What they came across were radical ideas with regards to self-sufficiency, capable of getting us quite a bit closer to the concept of a sustainable society.

They approached Freedom Of Creation to create the scale model of the Oogst 01 concept explaining and visualizing the ideas in great detail.

About Oogst:

As a creative agency focusing on 3D design and visual communication, their approach was not technically oriented, but rather they chose to put the accent on cultural aspects and social implications through design. The central question that Tjep set themselves is: how can we, as designers, contribute to the fundamental developments that are taking place in Dutch agricultural research? Is self-sufficiency the path towards a more ecological sustainable society? And if so, on what scale is it workable? Can we combine the advantages of a globalized world with aspirations towards physical independence? These are some of the questions Oogst is trying contextualize. READ ON

FOC in collaboration with AWW keeps on winning awards

FOC FOR   17.Dec.2009

The projects in collaboration between FOC and Amsterdam Worldwide keep on winning awards. Back in 2008 Freedom Of Creation and Amsterdam Worldwide worked on the Onitsuka Tiger Campaign, while a few months ago these creative companies joined forces to work a highly successful viral project for the new Asics Left & Right campaign. The latest awards include:

Event: Cristal International 2009
Award: CYBER/Viral
Client/Campaign: ASICS Sportstyle Left/Right

Event: EuroBest 2009
Award: Bronze – Best Use of Social Media
Client/Campaign: ASICS Sportstyle Left/Right





In addition to the above mentioned awards, these two projects for ASICS/Onitsuka Tiger had already accumulated the awards mentioned below:

Event: ADCN 2009
Award: Silver, Integrated.
Client/Campaign: Onitsuka Tiger/Electric Tigerland

Event: One Show 2009
Award: Nominated, Integrated Campaign.
Client/Campaign: Onitsuka Tiger/Electric Tigerland

To read about the other 6 awards click here..  READ ON

Freedom Of Creation designs interactive Deltasync model

FOC FOR   16.Nov.2009

Freedom Of Creation collaborated with Deltasync the past weeks to design a one-off interactive model to display Deltasync’s floating community developments.

The FOC imagineering team, directed by Julian Sing, created an interactive model to bring the Deltasync vision into reality. A 3D printed building was mounted over an 81cm High Definition LCD display, which looped a motion graphics piece showcasing moving water, text, visuals, entertaining scenery and audio effects. Not only does the screen attract attention, it also allows the client to display more content than a static model ever could, with the added advantage that the content can be dynamic or even updated over time.


The movie shows how FOC Imagineering team managed to combine the rippling animated water, graphics such as flying birds and floating clouds into one continuous animation, which tells the viewer what Deltasync is developing.

To enrich the experience further we added in the sounds of a busy city, people chatting, mobile phones ringing, cars honking and loud boat horns. READ ON