Icon Snap Jewelry, playfull rings to Switch & Stack

    FOC Collection  1.Feb.2013

    Freshfiber introduces the Icon Snap ring, a ring with candy-like colors and irresistible playfulness.


    These rings designed by Brian Garret come in 3 different sets: Evil, Posh and Shrunk. Each set consists of 3 different icons in one theme, the Icons can easily be snapped on and off using the gold plated rare earth magnets.


    Evil Series
    Features a hot pink hand grenade, a royal blue bomb and an electric yellow tank. Where, when and how you choose to flaunt these pieces is all up to you. But you’ll sure make an impression.


    Posh Series
    Features three gorgeous gems in hot pink, royal blue and electric yellow. Where, when and how you choose to flaunt these pieces is all up to you—just the way we like it. After all, freedom and diamonds are a girl’s best friend.


    Shrunk Series

    Taking notable pieces from their collection and putting them in a digital shrinking machine, the limited edition ring set boasts three eclectically-shaped design creations. Because the best things come in small packages.


    Available online in the Freshfiber online store for orders outside Europe we have the Cubify store.

    Press images available on Flickr.

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