Janne Kyttanen

(Hameenlinna, Finland, 1974)

He started his industrial design studies at the Escola De Disseny, Elisave in Barcelona 1996. He then moved to The Netherlands and graduated from The Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam 2000, where he also currently lives. read on

Right after his graduation he started working for a number of interior, product and lighting design projects for clients in the banking, public transport, aviation, consumer electronics and cosmetics industries. After two years, he got bored with traditional design approaches and wanted to go back to what we was busy with during his design studies. During his studies Janne proved the potential of using 3D printing techniques as a source for manufacturing his designs. He introduced a line of 3D printed products as his thesis for graduation. This project laid the foundation for Freedom Of Creation (FOC), a company specializing in the design with 3D printing techniques, which Janne founded in Helsinki, Finland (2000). Due to the immense global potential of this concept, Janne has put most of his design and entrepreneurial efforts in FOC during the recent years.

Janne has been presented with numerous design awards including, Best New Corner Award 100% Design 2003, Red Dot Design Award 2005, Best New Exhibitor Award 100% Design 2005 and Interior Innovation Award Cologne 2006. Janne was also selected as the Young Designer of the Year by the Design Forum Finland 2007.

Janne’s work has been extensively exhibited around the world and his work has been purchased for numerous permanent design collections around the world such as the MOMA, FIT, MAD and Vitra Design Museum.

Maria Cichy

(Gdansk, Poland, 1983)

Maria is currently studying at the Product Design Faculty for her master’s degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. During her studies she has worked as a freelance jewelry and fashion accessories designer. Maria has had successful collaborations with many art and design galleries which resulted in several personal exhibitions. read on

In 2006, Maria started her collaboration with the company Fashion PR, being responsible for accessory designs used for fashion photography sessions. In 2007, she did an internship as a fashion designer at Cropp Town in Poland, where she was part of a team preparing the girls collection 2008.

In August 2007, Maria started as a designer at Freedom Of Creation.

Bram de Zwart

(Haarlem, The Netherlands 1983)

In 2009 Bram graduated with ‘Cum Laude’ distinction at Delft University of Technology. His Master specialization in ‘Strategic Product Design’ has been partly carried out at the prestigious ‘Politecnico di Milano’, Italy. read on

During his studies he has also worked within the design studios of Jan des Bouvrie (The Netherlands) and Creanova (Italy). His education and working background have prepared him for the challenges that arise when turning cutting edge industrial design into viable business.

At Freedom Of Creation, Bram is the Product Manager of the FOC Collection. Besides that he is establishing a new FOC business unit, called ‘FOC Talents’.

Brian Garret

(Hoorn, Netherlands, 1985)

He studied for his Master degree in Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. In 2006 he launched his own freelance design company specialized in interactive product design and 3d concept visualization. read on

As a part of his education he worked at an Asian design company in Singapore for six months. The synthesis of freelance work and academic projects have broadened his interests in design, from graphic and interactive design to computer aided product design.
With some innovative ideas about dynamic and interactive product design Brian decided to approach FOC to collaborate on his graduation project, this resulted in a totally new approach to customising products, in this case headphones.
In August 2009 Brian has joined FOC as both product and graphic designer.
Mads Thomsen

(Copenhagen, Denmark, 1981)

Mads started his education studying architecture at The Krabbesholm School of Art, Architecture and Design. During his year at Krabbesholm, he also became interested in 3d graphics and design. In 2002, he started at The Aarhus School of Architecture where he received his Bachelor degree in 2005. read on

During his studies, Mads has worked as a freelance 3d graphics artist for several architectural companies, and in particular for the Aarhus-based firm of CEBRA, where he was for 9 months.

Mads is currently studying for a masters-degree in Industrial Design from The Aarhus School of Architecture, and continues his collaboration with FOC – following an internship in 2007 – both with his own designs and with research oriented projects.

Jasse Kyttanen

(Hameenlinna, Finland, 1972)

Jasse Kyttänen was born 1972 in Hameenlinna, Finland. He started his Graphic Design studies at the Escola De Disseny, Elisave in Barcelona -96. Within 6 months he realized that University studies were not something, which was going to help him with his career. read on

He dropped out of school to go on co-found the biggest 3D animation and production company in Finland, Fake Graphics.

Jasse’s work for film and print has presented him and his company numerous awards such as Silver Epica and Golden Grain. Jasse is working for FOC as a freelance Designer.