3D printing

All our products and projects are produced with 3D printing technologies. First we make a CAD file in a 3D software, such as Studio Max, Maya, Solidworks or Cinema 4D. We then upload the file to a 3D printer and finally unpack the 3D printer and take the product out. It pretty much works like you would be printing a normal Microsoft Word document out of your home 2D printer, but now you can just 3Dprint real stuff in a whole range of different materials such as plastics, metals, rubbers and ceramic materials.

We believe in a future where people will have 3D printers at their homes and they can just download files for products from the internet and produce them by themselves.

1. Make a 3D CAD file



2. Upload the 3D file to a 3D printing machine


3. Ready product comes out and the media frenzy begins



Here is a link also to a making off video

Here you can see the actual printing process of the famous Punchbag design by Janne Kyttanen and Jiri Evenhuis.